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Organically building engaging, immersive experiences



Still Cottage Studios is a small hand crafted independent content studio specializing in 360 video.

Immersive yet conceptual. Experiential and engaging. Organically integrating consumers & brands, creating dynamic experiences



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No matter the size or scale of the job, we have the capabilities to master great content.

We are always ready to expand our partnership network and continue pushing the medium into stunning and cutting-edge  premium content, branded content, entertainment, education and advertising. 


Getting Technical

Our production equipment include 2x four camera rigs each consisting of 4x BlackMagic Micro Studio Cameras, 4x Fuji fisheye lenses, 2x Convergent Designs 7q+ Odyssey Apollo recorders equipped with 4 streams of 4k ProResHQ recording, SSDs with on-set data management kit, genlock, timecode, hot swap anton bauer batteries w/power distro. We also reconfigure rigs to accommodate 6, 7 or 8 cameras and will very soon have live stitching/streaming capabilities for a 4 camera rig.   Post setup includes GTX Titan X/1080/Quadro M6000 & FirePro W9100 gpus, portable 10Gig shared storage (40TB & 80TB), color control surface. Software including 2 seats of Nuke Studio w/CaraVR, 4 render nodes of Nuke/CaraVR, Rush render queue manager, Scratch VR, Mocha VR, Mettle Skybox v2, Adobe Creative Suite. Resolve & Mistica available on request. Additionally, our collectiong includes a Z cam and 360Rize Abyss (6 GoPro underwater camera rig), and we are looking to implement Live capabilities. We have experience shooting (& stitching/post) with multiple other camera rigs such as the Jaunt One, GoPro Odyssey/Google Jump platform, Dark Corner/a7s, Z-Cam S1, Z-Cam S1 Pro, various GoPro configurations as well as nodal shoots with Red & Arri cameras.


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When it comes to experience, our team are the most trusted names in the industry. From production, creative, and post, we are the leading mavens in exploratory technology.

Still Cottage Studios is seeking partnership and subcontracting opportunities. We provide a powerhouse network of experienced freelance crew and artists, who have worked together in various capacities at Still Cottage, Wevr, Live Nation Studios,, Digital Domain and a host of other traditional film & video production facilities.


We are always ready to expand our partnership network and continue pushing the medium into stunning and cutting-edge premium content, branded content, entertainment, education and advertising.